WML Coast

The services of the coastal group with specific reference to ports and harbours is summarized as follows:

Port planning.
Planning of physical and numerical modelling studies.
Design of harbour protective works e.g. breakwaters, caissons.
Design of harbour structures e.g. jetties, piers, quays, caissons, slip ways, dry docks, boat lifts, floating docks and ancillary works such as piling, fenders, bollards, corrosion protection, etc.
Planning of dredging and reclamation works.
Planning and design of terminals and landside layout.
Planning of warehousing, bulk storage and reclamation.
Design of heavy duty paving.
Design of landside harbour structures e.g. dry bulk storage sheds, liquid bulk storage tanks.
Design of port infrastructure i.e. road works, rail track layout, services, water, sewage disposal, electrical distribution.
Project and project implementation planning.
Planning of environmental studies.
Planning of feasibility studies.
Contract and project documentation.
Project management, contract administration and contract monitoring.

Broader experience of the coastal group is as follows:

Offshore structures and anchorage e.g. catenary moorings, plems, offshore pipelines.
Coastal structures e.g. intakes, outfalls, pipelines, shore crossings, shore protection.
Structural engineering e.g. commercial and residential structures, bridges, suspension bridges.
Piling and foundations.
Paving and road works.